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About Us
telling stories by video and photo

SKIN is a collaboration between Steffen Nieuwenhuizen and Reint Bergman.
Two experienced creatives.
SKIN works with a close team on different assignments. SKIN breathes stories.
Stories that ignite people to step
into this world where everybody
is unique and equal.

Steffen Nieuwenhuizen
Reint Bergman

A collaboration

Since 2022

SKIN is a collaboration between Reint Bergman and Steffen Nieuwenhuizen which started in 2022. Reint, a creative marketeer and photographer. Steffen, a filmmaker with experience in design. Both storytellers. The collaboration is based on the conviction that a powerful image or video consists a composition of several layers.


Think of subject, emotion, music, composition, context – story. SKIN believes in the power of content, carefully constructed in various layers, so all touch-points are fully utilized. Raw, real and energizing.

Team members

Wesley Scheggetman / Fotografie & Gaffer
Jacolene van Dijk // Production assistent